Currently, there exists an immense vacuum of data in the cannabis industry. This is unheard of in an estimated $50 Billion industry but due in fact to the federal illegality of Cannabis commerce. An extreme dichotomy exists as twenty-four individual states currently have some form of cannabis legislation and this number could increase dramatically after the 2016 election season.

CannaServe’s technology platform aggregates data from many sources and will be the premier source that industries such as the pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco will rely upon for the most accurate and optimized data.

In addition, Cannabis businesses have a distinct need for quick answers to legal, accounting, human resources, insurance, banking, compliance or other Cannabis industry specific business questions. Qualified and trusted advisers are sometimes either difficult to identify or business owners are hesitant to engage them or ask for help, since the associated fees can be prohibitive. answers the critical need in the marketplace for a convenient, available go-to source for businesses that need quick answers to these types of questions. Each Concierge Club member (CCM) is assigned a personal Concierge that is available to answer most cannabis industry business questions or connect the CCM with one of ’s vetted attorneys, CPA’s or other professional business advisers.

In addition, offers its CCM member a wide selection of innovative tools and benefits to contribute to making sure their businesses are efficient, profitable as well as compliant in this fast growing and ever evolving industry.