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CannaServe® is a revolutionary technology platform , which offers cannabis and ancillary businesses a new revenue source by providing an application to monetize their business’s data. Psychographic data, also known as a form of alternative data, is a very valuable and in tremendous demand in the analytics industry. CannaServe’s innovative Data Co-Op allows cannabis businesses to sell their data individually, as well as to participate as a member of the Co-Op and share in the Co-op’s revenue and further monetize a large group of businesses’ shared data

In the cannabis industry and ancillary business markets, there is a large vacuum of psychographic data. Companies are effectively collecting the usual demographic consumer data, such as gender, age, ethnicity and income, but because cannabis and related products remain Federally illegal in many states, a there is a distinct lack of available psychographic data. In an estimated $50 billion industry, an extreme dichotomy exists, since only thirty-three states currently have some form of cannabis legislation. Successful companies need to know how their customers in their target market feel, and about their attitudes, interests, personality, values, opinions and lifestyle.

CannaServe’s cannaserve.info technology platform aggregates psychographic data from many sources and secures this collected data with a proprietary blockchain application. The application will also manage CannaServe’s crypto currency, which can be paid to CannaServe’s members for providing their data, rather than the unauthorized use of data, which has become so rampant in the online world. CannaServe will be the premier source for businesses and industries such as pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco to rely upon for the most accurate and optimized data.

Cannabis businesses have a distinct need for quick answers to legal, accounting, human resources, insurance, banking, compliance or other cannabis industry specific business questions. Qualified and trusted advisers are sometimes either difficult to identify or business owners are hesitant to engage them or ask for help, since the associated fees can be prohibitive.

CannaServe.org fills the critical need in the marketplace for a convenient, go-to source for businesses which need quick answers to these types of questions. Each CannaServe Concierge Club member (CCM) can work with a personal concierge, who is available to answer most cannabis industry business questions or connect our members with one of CannaServe ’s vetted attorneys, CPA’s or other professional business advisers.

CannaServe offers its members with a curated selection of innovative tools and benefits designed to assist businesses to be efficient, profitable as well as compliant in this fast growing and evolving industry.

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